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follow the birthday boy...

hey oh alphabet street!

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"I rock. I rock.
You are my stone child
with still eyes like marbles.
There is a death baby
for each of us."
-Anne Sexton, The Death Baby
1920s, a clockwork orange, about a boy, alice in wonderland, alice on speed, andy warhol, anne sexton, anything british, aspects of love, babydoll dresses, badly drawn boy, bbc, bearsuit, biscuit boys, bleeding poetry, bohemia, bridget jones' diary, british accents, british men, buster keaton, candy, cats, chasing starlight, clara bow, colin firth, crazy crazy like ophelia, daisy fresh, dancing in the rain, dolores haze, dorothy gish, drag queens, e.e. cummings, eating flowers, enid, evelyn nesbit, faerie lights, fairies, feminism, fitzwilliam darcy, flappers, francesca lia block, fredo viola, gay boy love, gay men, ghost world, gingerbread houses, glamour, glitter, glitter revolutions, guinea pigs, hamlet, harriet the spy, hedwig, holden caulfield, i shot andy warhol, ice cream !!pies, icicles, imaginary boyfriends, indie films, jef porkins, jekyll and hyde, jerri blank, jewish boys, jon stewart, kevin mcdonald, kids in the hall, kieran culkin, kthnxbye, lace, lakes of glitter, lambuel, leopold and loeb, les miserables, lewis carrol, lillian gish, lisa loeb, little chrissy, little red riding hood, lolita, long nails, mab, mary janes, michael ball, miss cleo, mmk, mr. darcy, mr. hyde, musicals, napoleon, nathan leopold, neon, nunzilla, nymphets, ophelia, pecker, piskies, pixies, poetry, porcelain dolls, posner, pride and prejudice, professional tinker bells, ragtime, rent, richard loeb, robot parades, robson green, rupert everett, s.c.u.m., samuel barnett, schoolgirls, scum manifesto, sexy mr. hyde, shakespeare, smarterchild sex, stardust, stephen colbert, strangers with candy, svenno, sweeney todd, sylvia plath, tamagotchis, the adventures of priscilla, the guerilla girls, the history boys, the office, thora birch, tim canterbury, tragic people, transvestites, v-day, vagina, valerie solanas, weetzie bat, wishing on stars, witch baby